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The Resideo Real Estate Website Webflow Template is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use, powerful website template in the popular Webflow CMS. This sleek and modern template is the ideal solution for Homeowners Associations or real estate websites, as it includes all of the features you need to manage your HOA online.

Moreover, its clean and minimal design with a responsive layout ensures that your site will look great on any device – guaranteeing a great user experience for everyone who visits your site.

With a plethora of options, this Real Estate Webflow Template has something to offer everyone with a total of 22 pages. From the 15 static pages such as the Home page, About page, and Event page to the 5 CMS template pages including the Authors Template, Team Member template, Blog Posts template, and Projects template, users are presented with an array of easily navigable and appealing options.

This allows users to create a professional-looking and highly functional website.

Why is this Real Estate Webflow Template Best for you?

Resideo – Real Estate Webflow Template is an essential component to giving your customers the best online experience possible. With customizable options, you can easily highlight the best features of your property listings that your potential customers need to know. Whether it’s a brief description of the amenities or images of the property itself, make sure that your Real Estate Website Webflow Template provides all relevant information with ease and user-friendliness.

  1. It has a modern, responsive design that is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.
  2. Customizable options enable you to easily create a website tailored to your exact needs.
  3. An integrated blog allows you to engage with potential customers and stay up-to-date on industry news.
  4. Advanced SEO capabilities ensure your site is found by potential customers searching the web.
  5. Its eCommerce functionality makes it easy to list properties, accept payments, and manage bookings online.

Resideo - Real Estate Website Webflow Template
Resideo – Real Estate Website Webflow Template

The benefits of using real estate website Webflow template

Some benefits of the real estate website template are given below-

  1. It is easy to set up and customize, saving you time and money.
  2. An integrated blog ensures potential customers stay engaged with your business.
  3. Its advanced SEO capabilities ensure that your website can be found by potential customers.
  4. Responsive design across multiple devices allows for a consistent user experience.
  5. Built-in eCommerce functions make it easy to list properties and accept payments online
Webflow HTML website template

Key Features of the Real Estate Webflow Template

Optimized for fast loading speed

By using this real estate website template, users can rest assured that their websites will be loaded quickly and efficiently without issue. Its streamlined design makes it so that a minimal amount of code is needed to create an attractive, usable front-end, resulting in lightning-fast website speeds. Not only this, but Resideo is also easy to use which makes creating engaging sites even more efficient and hassle-free.

Great Customizability

With just a few clicks in the Webflow Editor, you can have complete control over your website’s color scheme, layout, and content. The intuitive interface allows for easy site customization without any prior programming knowledge, so you can create the perfect look for your business or personal website with ease.

Search Engine Optimization

This real estate Webflow template uses best practices for structuring web content in order to create an optimized online presence that stands out from the competition. By using Resideo, businesses can boost their visibility online and drive new visitors and leads to their websites.

Awesome and Creative Design

From its eye-catching visuals to the various unique fonts, this real estate template is excellent for achieving any desired outcome within the scope of domestic or home associations. It is intuitive, attractive, and easily editable allowing you to customize it in whatever way suits your needs best.

CMS (Content Management System)

The CMS (Content Management System) ready real estate Webflow template provides an intuitive, user-friendly way to set up and manage your website. For those who are not familiar with web development, the intuitive and easy-to-use site structure eliminates the need for coding experience or technical know-how.

With Resideo, you will be able to conveniently create sophisticated web pages that are customizable to your Association’s needs, contributing to an effective brand image and online presence.

Pages Include of Resideo – Real Estate Website Webflow Template

Static Pages:

  1. Home
  2. About us
  3. Events
  4. Project
  5. Blog
  6. Contact
  7. Team
  8. Login
  9. Register
  10. Gallery
  11. Community
  12. Meeting
  13. Style Guide
  14. License
  15. Changelog

CMS Pages:

  1. Authors Template
  2. Team Member Template
  3. Blog Posts Template
  4. Events Template
  5. Projects Template

Utility Pages:

  1. Password
  2. 404

Video Presentation:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this Resideo – Real Estate website Webflow Template used for?

The Resideo – Real Estate Website Webflow Template is designed to be used as a website template for a real estate business or agency. This real estate Webflow template provides a visually appealing and functional website that can showcase properties, agents, and services provided by the business.

Is this Webflow template design customizable?

Yes, the Resideo – Real Estate Webflow Template is highly customizable, and it is designed to allow businesses to tailor the website to their specific needs. This Real estate website template is built on the Webflow platform, which is a powerful website design and development tool that allows for extensive customization without requiring coding skills.

Retina ready

All graphics are optimized for devices with high DPI screens.

Web fonts

Uses fonts from Google's Web Font collection.

Custom 404 page

Custom design for the 404 page of your website

CSS Grid

Reposition and resize items anywhere within the grid to produce powerful, responsive layouts — faster and without code.

Responsive slider

Display images and text elegantly on every device with our touch-friendly slider.


Reusable elements you can use across your site. Edit a symbol and all copies update instantly.


Build your lead lists and subscriber base with beautiful forms.


Comes with animations and interactions for additional polish and usability.

Media lightbox

Showcase high-res photos and videos on a black backdrop.

Responsive navigation

Site navigation automatically collapses into a mobile-friendly menu on smaller devices.

Responsive design

Displays perfectly on desktops, tablets, and phones.

Content management system

Customize the built-in database for your project or just add new content.

3D transforms

Display 3D graphics elegantly on every device.

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