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Boative – Yacht Rental Webflow Template is a must-have for anyone who runs a business in the yachting and boating world. With cutting-edge design and remarkable Webflow template features, it promises to make website setup a breeze – no matter what kind of maritime pursuits you specialize in!

This Yacht Rental Webflow Website Template is packed with amazing plugins perfectly suited for websites like yours, from booking forms to testimonials, photo galleries, and more. Plus, customizing your site is easy with dreamy backgrounds, flexible interface options, and stylish typography choices.

With 25 easily customizable pages, you can get your yacht boat website up and running in no time. This Yacht Rental Webflow Template has everything you need to give your customers the best possible experience when choosing their perfect boat.

This bundle of pages includes 2 home pages, 2 yacht pages, a service page, a booking page, a blog page, a team page, a testimonial page, an FAQ page, and an about page, in addition to the 7 content management system (CMS) collection pages. So, Boative- Yacht Rental Webflow Template is an excellent solution for creating a robust boat rental website tailored to meet the specific needs of your small to large business.

Boative Booking and Contact us page
Boative Booking and Contact us page

The advantages of  using Boative – Yacht Rental Webflow Template

The Boative Website Webflow Template for Yacht & Boat Rental companies is quickly becoming the go-to choice for rental businesses looking to upgrade their online presence. The following list of advantages of Boative Yacht & Boat Rental Website Templates includes:

  1. Professional and eye-catching design: It has a modern, clean design and visually appealing aesthetic that is professional and eye-catching. With its drag & drop visuals editor and live editing options, you can quickly get up and running on the platform in no time.
  2. Mobile-friendly and responsive: This small business website template features a mobile-friendly design so customers can easily book boats, view available packages and make payments right from their phones and tablets. Plus, the templates are highly responsive, adjusting dynamically when viewed on any device.
  3. User-friendly navigation: This yacht rental Website template equipped with a user-friendly navigation menu that not only allows customers to effortlessly find what they need, but also guides them through the rental process in an orderly and stress-free manner.
  4. Built-in features and functionalities: Not only do they come with beautiful and modern designs, but this Yacht Rental Webflow Template also offers powerful built-in features and functionalities such as advanced booking systems, inventory tracking, SEO optimized pages, and more, that is essential for an effective website.
  5. Customization options: This easy-to-use yacht rental website template offers extensive customization options, such as advanced design features to give your website a personal touch as well as detailed store analytics to track exactly how much traffic your website is receiving.
Boative yacht rental Webflow template Service page
Boative- yacht rental website template Service page

Key Features of the yacht rental Website Template

This Yacht Rental Webflow Template offers a robust solution for building a professional-looking website with ease. Here are some of its key features:

Unique & Premium Design

Boative is committed to creating unique and premium design websites that stand out and give customers a hassle-free and delightful journey. The yacht rental website template, equipped with the latest modern design elements, are the perfect fit for boat rental businesses striving to establish a unique and appealing online presence. With these easy to use and beautiful templates, it is simple to build an individualized webpage that anyone can be proud of.

Speed Optimized

Speed optimization is critical in keeping your customers engaged with your website. With this speed optimized yacht rental Webflow template, you can enhance the performance of your website, ensuring that it loads quickly and keeps visitors engaged for longer.


Boative responsive Webflow template offers the ultimate versatility when it comes to viewing your website. It is designed to adapt, no matter your device – desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

100% Customizable

This yacht rental Webflow template offers a versatile web design solution that can be tailored to suit your business’s individual requirements. With a simple and straightforward process, you can modify logos, images, and the layout to align with your company’s vision. This template is suitable for businesses of all sizes and its 100% customization capability ensures that your needs will be effectively met.

Webflow CMS

The Boative template for boat rental businesses is powered by Webflow CMS, which offers a range of features to enhance the user experience. With Webflow CMS, you have the ability to manage and organize your content efficiently, including boat descriptions, pricing, and availability.

Boative - Blog page
Overview of Boative – Small Business Website Template

Pages Includes:

  1. Home Page
  2. Home Page Two
  3. About Page
  4. Team Page
  5. Service Page
  6. Yacht Page
  7. Yacht Page Two
  8. Blog
  9. Contact Page
  10. Booking Page
  11. Testimonial Page
  12. Faq Page
  13. Style Page
  14. License Page
  15. Changelog Page
  16. Categories Template
  17. Tags Template
  18. Team Member Template
  19. Authors Template
  20. Blogs Template
  21. Services Template
  22. Yachts Template
  23. Password Pages
  24. 404 Pages
  25. Search Result

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of website can be created with this template?

This yacht rental Website Template is designed to help small businesses in the yacht and boat rental industry create an engaging website. So, with this template you can showcase your yacht services, features available boats, provide customer testimonials, and more.

Is the design customizable?

Yes! This yacht rental website template is equipped with a drag-and-drop editor that simplifies the process of altering the appearance and style of your website. You can add custom elements such as images, animations, colors, text, and more to give your site a unique look and feel that reflects your brand.

Retina ready

All graphics are optimized for devices with high DPI screens.

Web fonts

Uses fonts from Google's Web Font collection.

Custom 404 page

Custom design for the 404 page of your website

CSS Grid

Reposition and resize items anywhere within the grid to produce powerful, responsive layouts — faster and without code.

Responsive slider

Display images and text elegantly on every device with our touch-friendly slider.


Reusable elements you can use across your site. Edit a symbol and all copies update instantly.


Build your lead lists and subscriber base with beautiful forms.


Comes with animations and interactions for additional polish and usability.

Media lightbox

Showcase high-res photos and videos on a black backdrop.

Responsive navigation

Site navigation automatically collapses into a mobile-friendly menu on smaller devices.

Responsive design

Displays perfectly on desktops, tablets, and phones.

Content management system

Customize the built-in database for your project or just add new content.

3D transforms

Display 3D graphics elegantly on every device.

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